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Phage Genome Annotation: Where to Begin and End

PhD student Nastya Shen (UCPH) and Associate professor Andy Millard (UoL) has published a handy guide to Phage genome annotations.

*Phage Genome Annotation: Where to Begin and End*


With the renewed interest in phage research, coupled with the rising accessibility to affordable sequencing, ever-increasing numbers of phage genomes are being sequenced. Therefore, there is an increased need to assemble and annotate phage genomes. There is a plethora of tools and platforms that allow phage genomes to be assembled and annotated. The choice of tools can often be bewildering for those new to phage genome assembly. Here we provide an overview of the assembly and annotation process from obtaining raw reads to genome submission, with worked examples, providing those new to genome assembly and annotation with a guided pathway to genome submission. We focus on the use of open access tools that can be incorporated into workflows to allow easy repetition of steps, highlighting multiple tools that can be used and common pitfalls that may occur.



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