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About GP3

GP3 is a 3 years project, funded by the Norwegian Seafood Research Fund

Calm Sea


To develop a targeted phage therapy solution to prevent and control Pasteurella skyensis and other strains associated with pasteurellosis in Atlantic salmon farms .


Identify the diversity of Pasteurella in both Norwegian and Scottish farmed salmon

Identify and isolate phages that attack and kill salmon associated Pasteurella strains

Determine the safety, efficacy and formulation for these phages

Carry out fields trials to develop easy-to-use administration methods

Provide efficacy documentation for the use of phage-based solutions against Pasteurella

Calm Sea
Calm Sea

Project details

FHF project number: FHF-901797

Start: July 1st, 2021

End: June 30th, 2024

Budget: 9 581 000 NOK


Project leader: Prof. Thomas Sicheritz-Pontén

University of Copenhagen, Globe Institute
+46 70 65 72 471

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